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 La Lopez Lingerie: lingerie and swimwear made to measure








Illustratie desing by ®La Lopez

From a young age I have had difficulty in finding lingerie or swimwear suitable for my figure. I apparently did not fit the standard sizes. In the normal shops I can never find anything, where can I go?

Many women leave a lingerie shop disappointed, because the regular 'normal sizes' are not suitable for their figure. We, the employees of La Lopez (previously Amorette Bodyfashion) totally understand this problem.

In our company we know only too well that the 'standard woman' does not exist. Normal sizes do not allow for women with a 'special' size, (such as a small size, but large breasts), or women who, for example, have undergone breast surgery.

Selfmake lingerie materials 

You can request a quote from us for the following products:






Lingerie fabrics and lingerie liners Bra clasps, different sizes Hooks and link belts shoulder bands
Underwire bands Shell elastic, different sizes Lingerie elastic Rings and sliding clips Espiral Bones, different sizes Corsette front clasps Stocking holders Underwires symmetrical Underwires semi a-symmetrical Push-up underwires semi underwires Fibervilt/Foaum/padding
Embroidery on different backgrounds


Swimwear fabrics and swimwear liners Swimwear elastic Swimwear cups, double and separate.




 D.M.Rosa Lopez


Bra sizes record

Table Disclaimer

As there are worldwide differences regarding the use of the general measurement system, this measurement table can and may only be used for the La Lopez collection and custom La Lopez lingerie.

The La Lopez measurement table guarantees a correct fit for every conceivable size and is applied and explained in the manual 'Lingerie design and creation'














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