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Designing lingerie


Designing lingerie with a base pattern 

Base patterns for clothing have existed since fashion was devised. Each fashion trade school has it's own base pattern which is made and adapted to their own vision regarding dimensions. The sizes used are standard and there are rarely new sizes added. La Lopez has added more than 10 new sizes to this formula in order to provide an excellent fit especially for lingerie. In 1995 La Lopez also brought out a collection of lingerie-  and fourniture packages for the Dutch market. Lingerie design in base patterns for fashion trade schools are all set up differently. Fashion trade schools are not able to give lingerie courses based on base patterns from other organisations, should a fashion trade school follow a lingerie course or training at La Lopez to independently teach, they must adapt their base pattern for undergarments. 

La Lopez once adapted the normal clothing base pattern for lingerie and designed it's own version of it. Undergarments must be a precise fit or else the outerwear will not sit as desired and the end result almost always is that the female will not look as well as she would wish. It is a question of taking measurements, in a specific way, differing from the normal manner. These measurements must also be interpreted differently because, especially with breasts, everyone is different, not only in size but also in form and also in firmness. Especially firmness of the breast can make a difference regarding the desired model of the bra. Using only a base pattern making a bra that has a perfect fit in all areas is seldom successful. 

The choice of material is crucial for the desired fit, for example: more or less stretch, elastic lace or broderie or without elastic, with foam lining or without foam lining. Of course fournitures and underwire also form a large role in the total picture. Shoulder straps and closings using the right width, elastic that is strong and not old so that the stretch is somewhat gone. Underwire must be adapted not just for the breast size but also for the chest for optimal comfort and a beautiful silhouette. There is more about base patterns for undergarments in the book:

 'Lingerie design and Creations for all Sizes', available at, Bruna and various other bookshops in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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