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Lingerie made to measure

   What is my correct bra size according to the La Lopez ®



Table Disclaimer

As there are worldwide differences regarding the use of the general measurement system, this measurement table can and may only be used for the La Lopez collection and custom La Lopez lingerie.

The La Lopez measurement table guarantees a correct fit for every conceivable size and is applied and explained in the manual 'Lingerie design and creation' ®



Image La Lopez ®

 Image La Lopez ®




Under bust size: You measure this by laying the tape measure around the bust starting at the wished for height in the front middle (A) up to the wished for height on the side seam of the bra (B). You need to measure this tightly across the upper edge of the underwire. 

Bust depth: You measure this from the bust point (C ) straight down to above the edge of the underwire (D).

Under width: You measure this tightly under the bust around the under width (E).
It is also possible to order lingerie from La Lopez using this system. See La Lopez lingerie for details. You will find various models to choose from. These can be adjusted to minimise the  risk to you. It is very important that you clearly state which model you wish.
Once we have your measurements, be it either for a measurement advice or for La Lopez lingerie, we will contact you as soon as possible.